Please see the new electronic excursion consent form which is now available on our school stream App.

Xavier High School received advice from CSO recently that has allowed us to have one form for day excursions for the Year. However, you will still need to complete a separate excursion consent note for every overnight excursion.

Please be mindful that if any of the details change on the day excursion form you will need to submit a new form. You will be able to submit this electronic excursion form for any excursion in the future that requires a form.

Please complete one of these for each child at Xavier High School, selecting ‘All Day Excursions for 2018’ as the name of the excursion to cover your child for all day excursions for 2018.

Day Excursion Consent Form

Day Excursion Consent Form

Parent/Guardian Details

Please choose Year Level
Please choose homeroom group

Emergency Contact Details

Excursion Details

Please put today's date if for a all excursion form for the year
For Overnight Excursions only

Student Medical Details

If year is only known please put 1/1/ then the year
Please tick or add any medical conditions your child suffers from that may affect their safety during an excursion

Medication Details

Please include the name of the medication, dosage, frequency ect. Parents are requested to make arrangements with the teacher in charge for the safekeeping and handling of prescribed medications prior to the excursion.

Medicare & Health Fund