We will be hosting a number of students and staff from Jianjin Middle School.  A group of twenty two students will be travelling to Australia from China to spend approximately four full days with us here at Xavier High School as part of our ongoing cultural exchange.  These students will be between the ages of twelve and sixteen in the equivalent of Year 7 to 10 in China.


As part of our commitment to establishing and building this ongoing connection with our sister school, we are asking for families to host a single student for their stay.  Dates of JianJin Middle School’s visit are yet to be confirmed however will be around 31st July to 4th August.  The school will be arranging a number of activities for visiting and hosting students that will include BBQ dinner at Xavier High School on at least one evening.


If you are prepared to host one of the students, could you please contact Abbey Carey on 02 6040 6388 or [email protected]

Lorraine Willis
Acting Co-Principal