At Xavier we are mindful of the long tradition upon which we are building. A tradition of Catholic education commenced through the wonderful work of both the Sisters of Mercy and the Christian Brothers. We are regularly reminded by past students of the appreciation they have for the educational experiences, the personal development and the values within which they were educated.

Our current students continue in this tradition with the added features of receiving their education in modern facilities, supported by dedicated teachers utilizing contemporary methodologies and able to access suitable resources. The spacious and tidy grounds, the ready access to technology by providing students with notebook computers and the commitment to provide a safe environment and engaging classrooms are all ingredients to successful outcomes. Our students come to school to work and their work is learning.

The imminent completion of the masterplan by replacing the portable classrooms with 21st century flexible design learning areas and the addition of a fully commercial kitchen demonstrates the schools commitment to provide the best available learning for students. The existing wetlands and water harvesting and recycle dam are further demonstrations of the practical nature of our education and commitment to sustainable practices.

Our students receive an education in Catholic identity, providing them with an experience of Catholic celebrations and traditions and an encouragement to live out the Gospel values with a commitment to be socially active in their communities. They are called on to be people of hope, a hope demonstrated by and through the example of staff.

We have tremendous confidence in the future of the young people of Xavier High School. You are encouraged to consider the secondary education we offer in Albury and you are invited to visit us and see for yourself what we have to offer.